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Reinventing a Historic Mill Space in the Heart of Newburyport

Long-time Stibler Associates’ client, Darling Consulting Group, worked with our design team to reinvent their office space. The project goal was to align their physical work environment with the company’s identity, branding, and mission. The historic mill building in which they are situated and the surrounding community of Newburyport, MA were equally important in guiding the overall design direction. Unique design elements such as exposed brick walls, open wood ceilings, and a custom rope wall all support the design concept.

The value DCG places on their employees is evidenced by the generous break room, a wide variety of gathering and meeting areas and an emphasis on personal productivity tools and ergonomic furnishings at individual workspaces.

Working in a historic mill building doesn’t come without some inherent challenges, including acoustic performance. Employing a variety of acoustic solutions from floors to walls to ceilings, Stibler was able to create a comfortable acoustic environment, while simultaneously enhancing the design features of the space.