Red Oak Apartment Homes: 409 Elm Street

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Manchester, NH


John W. Hession


Dennis Mires, P.A. The Architects

Construction Manager

North Branch Construction

A Bold, Dynamic Design For A New Headquarters And Mixed-use Space In Downtown Manchester

As an innovative leader in property management in NH, Red Oak approached Stibler Associates to join their team in designing coworking suites, a shared common lobby, and their own corporate headquarters on the first floor of their new construction mixed-use building. Together with Dennis Mires, P.A. The Architects, and inspired by Red Oak’s vision to create a modern, welcoming, sustainable and healthy space for residents, staff, clients, and visitors, we provided a comprehensive design that marries the contemporary architecture of the building with the warm comforts of home.


Serving as the hub of the building, the common lobby provides opportunities for respite, socializing, and collaboration. The dynamic wood ceiling that intersects the lobby pulls visitors in toward the sleek coffee bar before they make their way toward Red Oak’s bright, welcoming reception space and open office. Opposite Red Oak’s reception, views into two shared conference rooms and a glimpse into the coworking side of the space reveal a variety of meeting and office suites, all fully stocked with flexible, ergonomic furniture.


Highlighting Red Oak’s commitment to sustainability, greenery and preserved moss accent walls flank each end of the first floor, while expansive glass walls allow natural light to saturate the interior. The organic wood textures and bold red accents allude to the Red Oak logo and brand, while the sharp, geometric lines throughout mirror the building’s exposed interior structure.