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A Brand-new Chapter, Perspective from an Emerging Designer

Learning interior design is like learning a new language. There’s much to absorb, and it seems impossible to retain all the information. It is a complex occupation that requires me to speak with this new vocabulary and, as much as I love it, it’s hard to truly understand without jumping straight into the design field. Luckily, so much of this information is available all around you, and these seemingly endless resources are there for your guidance. But before I started this brand-new chapter at Stibler Associates, I never anticipated how much responsibility we, as designers, really have in the design process.

I came into my career as Covid was spreading throughout the world at its peak severity. When being introduced to a new job, learning the ins and outs of the profession, it’s extremely beneficial for someone like me to be in a physical space having a tactile and collaborative exposure. Having the opportunity to come into the office during my first year in this career allowed me to feel comforted being around others willing to help me understand the wide breadth of information that I’ve been so rapidly shown.

I quickly saw that the work we do can come to life, on projects large and small. Prior to my time at Stibler Associates, the projects at school were only in my imagination. It is a surreal experience to see a design solution, from a creative imagination, come to life as a school, office or hospital. I also realized that in this profession, our documentation must be accurate and precise so that the construction and installation is correct. All these details behind the scenes truly make a seamless design process.

One thing I find most enjoyable is working with clients who also share this same passion about their own respective occupations. While it is challenging to understand how others work, the reward is seeing them enjoy the intended design. The process gives me exposure to a variety of work styles. Helping improve a space for their productivity and performance, really does make me acknowledge that designers make a positive impact on their lives.

The most important thing that I’ve learned within this first year, is that as an interior designer, you will quickly come to realize that you can’t learn everything. Just because you have all the information available to you, doesn’t mean you have to master it all at once to be a successful designer. The profession is changing and progressing, with new advancements constantly being made. Despite this, I’ve felt as though this past year with Stibler, I’ve been learning and retaining new information at an exponential pace. Having the support and reassurance of the design community and our clients has made for an amazing experience and I’m excited to say that this is only just my first chapter!