Portsmouth, NH


Joseph St. Pierre, JS Photography

General Contractor

Aberthaw Construction

Bringing A Bold, Progressive Brand Personality To A Dynamic New Space

To showcase Wheelabrator’s progressive energy-from-waste values, our first priority was to distribute as much shared light throughout the office as possible. We accomplished this by designing individual offices and meeting rooms around the building core and finishing them off with beautiful glass-front walls. This allowed abundant natural light from the perimeter to shine right through to the center of the space.

Meanwhile, open ceilings with exposed ductwork and pipes mimic the company’s energy plants—a reflection of the modern facilities that help Wheelabrator turn waste materials into energy. At the heart of the space is the break area, centrally located for ease of use as well as to encourage camaraderie and collaboration among Wheelabrator’s dedicated team members. The break area was not an afterthought, but a priority—specifically designed with the comfort and convenience of Wheelabrator’s team members in mind.

When Wheelabrator continued to expand over the next 5 years, they turned to our interior design team once again to bring the right aesthetic to a larger space and keep their team moving forward. Read more about our most recent work together here.